Special Needs Registry

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City of Kingsland Police enhanced Special Needs Registry

***This information will only be used for Public Safety Response only and that a photograph of the individual is encouraged.***

Your Kingsland Police Department is pleased to announce the implementation of an enhanced Special Needs Registry and Special Needs Alert Form. This expanded program will provide greater personal details and information about those with special needs.  This increased information will allow first responders to provide our residents and guests the best possible service.  

Through this voluntary program, officers are able to respond to specific needs and assist our most vulnerable residents.  This program is for persons of any age with a special ability or need.  Caretakers or persons with specific needs are invited to proactively provide information that may be used in an emergency or interaction with City of Kingsland Police Officers.  The registration is entirely voluntary and is held confidential to First Responders only.

The program is intended to assist first responders during in-person contact with members of the community who have disabilities such as, but not limited to, Alzheimer's, Autism, Schizophrenia, Dementia, or any other mental/developmental concerns.  The goal of this program is to give emergency personnel quick access to critical information about a registered individual in the event they are unable to effectively communicate their needs, may go missing, or if the person is found and unable to provide information.

The registry is open to the public and offered at no-cost to registrants.  The information collected for the registry is private and will only be accessible to law enforcement and first responders during times of crisis.  Registrants will have the opportunity to sign up and provide key information about themselves or loved ones so that law enforcement and first responders will be more equipped to address any special needs that an individual has.

- The registry alert form is accessible here, click on the link for a PDF version - 

Special Needs Form for First Responder Use


The form must be downloaded and then emailed to: akloetzke@kingslandga.gov

!!! We ask that as information changes that each caretaker remember to update the registry. !!!

For more information or assistance, please contact KPD’s Community Outreach Liaison, Ms. Andrea at (912) 729-8254 or her email at akloetzke@kingslandga.gov .

 This registry effort was led by Chief Evans and staff of the Kingsland Police Department. #OneTeam

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