A Message from the Chief

Our Welcome message from Chief Evans to you

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Welcome to “The City of Royal Treatment”, where we strive as a community to bring you the royal southern hospitality and welcome you to the 2nd safest city in Georgia being the 7th largest city in the state.

I hope in your time here you enjoy the friendly faces, beautiful scenery and picture perfect location. Kingsland is a small community surrounded by the beautiful marshes and creeks of the Georgia Coast and we are located just 3 miles North from the state line connecting our slice of southern charm to our neighbors to the south in the sunshine state. We are approximately 45 minutes from downtown Jacksonville, 35 minutes from the beaches of Fernandina, less than 20 minutes from our sister city in St. Mary’s Georgia but wherever you chose to go and whatever you chose to do you can always remember that Kingsland will be home to you and your family at the end of the day with our other 21,000 residents.

You can enjoy your time here safely knowing that our proud men and women of the Kingsland Police Department are standing the watch, day and night to make sure you and your loved ones can be at peace here. Our mission at the Kingsland Police Department is to improve the quality of life by reducing fear, preventing crime and enforcing the law while protecting each individual's freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

We are here to serve our wonderful citizens and our community so if there’s anything we can help you with please check out some of the information about our department. We offer everything from phone numbers, to newsletters and emails for our staff.

Again welcome to our city, our state and most of all our home in the heart of the south the peach state, feel free to reach out to us and let us know your concerns, comments, and tips. Pass by just to say hello and let us know what you think, our officers take pride in being one team in one fight so come check us out, we’re always glad that Georgia’s on your mind.


   Chief Rickey EvansKingsland Welcome Sign