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Downtown Facade Grant Program

The Kingsland Downtown Development Authority (KDDA) established a grant program to encourage meaningful exterior improvements to properties and promote economic development in the KDDA district. This reimbursement grant is intended to preserve and restore historic properties and details and encourage projects which are compatible with Downtown's historic character.

Criteria for Facade Grant Approval

Requests for grants will be reviewed, and approved or denied, based on the funds available and in the order in which they are received.

Applications will be reviewed with the following considerations: 

  • Historic or architectural significance of the building.
  • Potential impact of the project on the Downtown streetscape in general and on the building in particular.
  • Location of the building-visually prominent areas and economically blighted areas will be stressed.
  • Overall cost of the project.
  • Quality of the proposal and adherence to procedure.
  • Need of applicant and willingness to implement entire rehabilitation design.
  • Availability of funds.

Eligible Actions

  1. ALL improvements are subject to design criteria and require approval by the Design Committee.
  2. Painting, cleaning, masonry repair, repair and/or replacement of architectural details, and repair and/or replacement of windows and doors including storefront on all exterior facades.
  3. A plaque sign, giving the street address of the business (I.E. 107 S. Lee Street) may be included in your application. It will be permanently attached to the building. No other signage will be funded by the Downtown Façade Grant.
  4. Purchase, installation, or restoration of exterior lighting fixtures for design enhancement or security.
  5. The purchase and installation of new awning with frames and the replacement of worn awnings canvases older than 5 years.
  6. All improvements funded by this grant will remain with the building.
  7. Landscaping.

Ineligible Actions

  1. Demolition of historically or architecturally significant buildings or features.
  2. Sandblasting of brick or masonry surfaces.
  3. General periodic maintenance.
  4. Improvements made prior to grant approval.

Program Requirements

  1. Property must be commercial and income producing.
  2. Grant money will be awarded on a matching 1:1 basis for eligible expenses up to $1,000.00 from the KDDA.
  3. Applicants must be the building owner or tenant (with written permission from owner).
  4. Self contracted projects require itemized list of materials with a labor cap of $20.00 per hour. Contractors must supply a detailed written estimate.
  5. Grants are limited to one per business or one per store front mailing address during any twelve month period.
  6. Re-application for the same item or project within a 36-month period on the same property is not permitted.
  7. Work must begin within 45 days of approval and be completed within 180 days of commencement. Grants will be paid following completion of the project and presentation of paid invoices to DDA.
  8. Façade Grants will not be awarded in lieu of routine maintenance, an insurance claim or for what may be viewed as an insurance claim.

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