Flood Protection

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Local Flood Hazard 

Kingsland, Ga is subject to flooding because it’s located in low-lying coastal plains subject to flooding from surrounding rivers. Being a coastal community, the county also floods from hurricanes. Hurricane winds produce storm surges, tornadoes, and inland flooding.

Know Your Flood Zone 

You should know your flood hazard. Contact the Camden County Emergency Management Agency for free publications on how to protect yourself, and your dwelling, and to:

  • Discover the flood zone you are in
  • Request the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) for your neighborhood please contact the Kingsland Georgia Planning & Development Department
  • Obtain a Flood Zone Determination letter
  • Learn about the flood warning system, how much warning you can expect, and what evacuation route you should use

You can also view The Weather Channel and refer to your local phone book for information including evacuation routes and emergency shelter locations.


Protect yourself from flood waters. Drowning is the number 1 cause of flood deaths, followed by electrocution. Electrical currents from downed power lines and your home circuits can travel through water causing a safety hazard.

  • Learn how to turn off the gas and electricity to your house and do so if flooding is imminent.
  • Don’t try to walk through flowing water.
  • Don’t drive through flooded areas.
  • Stay out of flood waters.

Additional information can be found on the National Flood Insurance Program website.

Progress Report

Summary Report

Information on Flood Maps for Coastal Areas of Camden County 

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