Job Opportunities


The Kingsland Police Department is comprised of 42 sworn and 2 non-sworn positions. The following information are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the employment process with the Kingsland Police Department. The first step to becoming an officer is completing our application which can be found below. After an initial screening, a date will be set for applicants to participate in our physical agility test. This agility test consist of the following;

1. Vertical jump – 13 inches

2. Sit-ups – 32 in one minute

3. Push-ups – 20 with no time limit

4. 300 Meter Run – 73.8 seconds

5. 1.5 mile run – 17:48 minutes/seconds

6. Bench Press – 1 Repetition of 67% body weight

The next phase of the hiring process is an oral board interview during which time you will be asked general questions so the members of the board can get to know you. If selected by the board you will then receive a conditional offer of employment. THE PROCESS IS NOT OVER! You will then have a medical physical conducted and a Computerized Voice Stress Analysis examination (CVSA). You will then have a psychological examination performed and finally will have to take a written examination to qualify for the police academy. While you are going through the hiring process a background investigation will be completed. At the completion of all the steps above if selected you will be provided with a start date with the police department. The agency tries to bring new hires on board approximately 1 month from the start of the Georgia Peace Officer Academy so we can prepare you to exceed in the academy. 

The academy that we use is located in Garden City, GA and is 11 weeks. While in the academy the agency will pay for your lodging, food, and transportation. You can find the dates for upcoming basic law enforcement officer training at under the "Training at GPSTC" tab. 

Once you graduate from the academy you will then return to the agency where you will then begin your field training process. This process last 3 months during which time you will be assigned to a departmental trainer who will teach you how to apply everything you have learned. 

So what do you think? Are you ready to start the process of joining one of the most noble professions? If the answer is "yes" then complete the application below and deliver it to the Kingsland Police Department. If you are not sure swing by and meet with one of us or do a ride along with one of our officers.

Kingsland Police Department Application and additional Information