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Police Recruiting table with Officers

Minimum Requirements

The Kingsland Police Department is seeking candidates that are highly motivated, ethical; team oriented and dedicated to the principals of community oriented policing. The officer will be required to perform any legal task assigned to the officer by the Police Chief. New hires will be required to complete a one year probationary period. Experienced officers may get this requirement waived.

The minimum requirements set forth for this position include:

21 Years of Age

Be a U.S. citizen.

Have a High School Diploma or GED.

Have a valid drivers license, you must have a Georgia license upon date of hire.

Pass Physical Agility Test.

Pass a medical examination and drug screening.

Pass a CVSA Voice Stress Examination.

Pass a Interview Board.

Pass a extensive Background Investigation.

Pass a Psychological Examination.

Pass a Academy Entrance Examination

Not have been convicted by any state or by the federal government of any crime the punishment for which would have been imprisonment in the federal or state prison or institution nor have been convicted of sufficient misdemeanors to establish a pattern of disregard for the law, provided that, for purposes of this paragraph, violations of traffic laws and other offenses involving the operation of motor vehicles when the applicant has received a pardon shall not be considered. Not have been convicted of any form of Domestic Violence the status of which prevents the possession of firearms by the applicant.

College degree, prior law enforcement and/or prior military is preferred however, not required.

Note: While KPD reviews much information and considers the circumstances in many areas regarding an applicant's background, the following standards are among those that may automatically disqualify applicants from consideration:

Intentionally falsifying, misrepresenting, or omitting pertinent information while completing the employment application, preliminary interview questionnaires, or any other pre-employment document.

Deliberately making inaccurate, misleading, false, or fraudulent statements during the employment process.

Poor management of personal finances (within the past five years). Debts, pending civil suits, garnishments, dispossessory warrants, bankruptcies, etc, will be investigated to determine a candidate's suitability for employment.

Personal state or federal tax liability or delinquent student or government loans unless the applicant is on an approved payment plan.

Any felony conviction.

Any outstanding criminal charge pending adjudication.

Sufficient misdemeanor convictions to establish a pattern of disregard for the law.

Discovery of an applicant's involvement in any crime of a serious or aggravated nature.

Any conviction or plea of nolo contendere within the past five (5) years for Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol (DUI) or for any serious traffic offense, including, but not limited to: Fleeing or Attempting to Elude a Police Officer, Vehicular Homicide, Failure to Stop, Render Aid, or Leave Information, and Racing.

Certified Police Officers : Your law enforcement certification has been suspended or revoked or is currently under investigation, or you are currently serving a monitored POST ordered probation period.

Five or more convictions and/or pleas of nolo contendere within the past two years for any moving violations.

Current illegal drug use.

Illegal sale, distribution or manufacturing (to include growing) of any drug.

Deliberate association of a personal nature within the past year with persons who use illegal drugs in the presence of the applicant.

Use or possession of marijuana during the last three years.

Use (more than experimentation) of an illegal drug or combination of illegal drugs, other than marijuana, during the past 10 years. What is considered "experimentation" will be determined on a case by case basis considering the totality of the circumstances.

Any tattoo that is visible while on duty and/or in uniform which would tend to be or might be considered by the general public as to be vulgar or pornographic in nature will require successful removal before the applicant may be considered for employment. For most people this generally means that tattoos located on the arm must be 2.5 inches above the elbow not to be visible in the short sleeve uniform shirt.


The City of Kingsland offers an aggressive pay scale and excellent benefits package that includes city funded Georgia Municipal Employees Benefit System Defined Benefit (GEMBS) retirement plan, 457b/401a deferred compensation plan, group medical and dental insurance.

Equal Opportunity Employer

The City of Kingsland is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, genetic information, or age. Veterans, minorities and females are encouraged to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have any job openings?

A. Yes, the City of Kingsland is currently seeking qualified applicants.

Q. Can I apply online?

A. No, you may obtain the application here. Once you have completed the application package (which includes all instruction and information pages), it must be submitted in one of the following ways: 

Scan the entire application into ONE Adobe PDF file and send the file via email to Mr. Lee Spell. Only PDF files are excepted via email.

Drop off the entire application package at the Kingsland City Hall located at:

107 South Lee Street

Kingsland, GA 31548

Mail the entire application package to:

City of Kingsland

Attn: Mr. Lee Spell

P.O. Box 250

Kingsland, GA 31548

Q. If I submit a resume, will I still need to complete and application for employment?

A. Yes, an application for employment will need to be completed and submitted in one of the above ways. 


After applying the next phase of the hiring process is a basic interview, an oral board, a medical physical examination, a Computerized Voice Stress Analysis examination (CVSA), a psychological examination and finally will have to take a written examination to qualify for the police academy. While you are going through the hiring process a background investigation will be completed. At the completion of all the steps you will receive an unconditional offer and you will be provided with a start date with the police department. The agency tries to bring new hires on board approximately 1 month from the start of the Georgia Peace Officer Academy so we can prepare you to exceed in the academy. 

The academy that we use is located in Garden City, GA and is 11 weeks. While in the academy the agency will pay for your gear, uniforms, books, equipment, lodging, food, and transportation. You can find the dates for upcoming basic law enforcement officer training at under the "Training at GPSTC" tab. 

Once you graduate from the academy you will then return to the agency where you will then begin your field training process. This process last approximately 3 months during which time you will be assigned to a departmental Field Training Officer (F.T.O) who will teach you how to apply everything you have learned. 

So what do you think? Are you ready to start the process of joining one of the most noble professions? If the answer is "yes" then complete the application below and deliver it to the Kingsland Police Department. If you are not sure swing by and meet with our officers and staff or do a ride along and get a feel for the profession.

Kingsland Police Department Application and additional Information

Police Recruiting table with Captain