Training Division

Outdoor Rifle Practice

The training function of the agency is coordinated through our Training Coordinator and training division. The coordinator is responsible for:

1. Assessing training needs and identifying training resources;

2. Implementing/coordinating training programs;

3. Developing and testing new training formats;

4. Analyze programs to determine budgetary needs;

5. Scheduling training and notifying staff;

6. Conducting program evaluation/validation;

7. Maintaining training records;

8. Attend periodic training for training officers

9. Liaison to the Georgia Public Safety Training Center and regional academy.

Active Shooter training

Taser Training

Staff Sergeant Remedios

Kingsland PD Training Coordinator

SSGT. Remedios

  • Head of Kingsland/ Georgia Shield Network 
  • General Instructor
  • Active Shooter Instructor
  • Firearms Instructor
  • Tactics & Operations
  • Public Information Officer

Indoor Rifle Practice

If you have any questions about training or wanting to see about coordinating training with the Kingsland Police Department please call the Kingsland Police Department and ask to speak with SSGT. Remedios or ask for the training coordinator.